Saturday, March 31

Apple Ring Pancakes

Apple Rings Dipped in Pancake Batter, served with Almond Butter and Sprinkles.

Friday, March 30

Greens for Breakfast

Smoothie in a Bowl.
Coffee with Foamy Milk.
Whistle for Peace.

1 Banana
1 cup Pineapple
1 cup Blueberry Banana Yogurt
1/2 cup Frozen Kale
2 Tbs Oats 

Mix the night before and blend in the morning.

Thursday, March 29

Pumpkin Bread

Two Slices of Pumpkin Bread with Almond Butter and Banana.
Coffee with Foamy Milk.

Wednesday, March 28


Plain Yogurt with Blackberries and Walnuts.
Warm Roll.
Coffee with Foamy Milk.

Tuesday, March 27

Soup and a Sandwich

Yogurt with Blackberries and Banana.
Almond Butter and Banana on a Toasted Roll.

Monday, March 26


 Overnight Oats with Pumpkin, Banana, Plain Yogurt and a little Cinnamon in an almost empty Jar of Maple Almond Butter.

Saturday, March 24


 Plum Yogurt with Fruit.
Bread with Butter and Jam.

Thursday, March 22

Fika in Stuttgart

Petite Four and Coffee.
Soaking up the sun!

Breakfast in Stuttgart

German Bread, Fruit Salad, Yogurt, and Muesli.

Tuesday, March 20


Peanut Butter and Banana on a Toasted Roll.

Monday, March 19


Warm Cinnamon Apple with Rice Pudding and Chopped Nuts.
Coffee and Milk. 
Snow on the ground.

Sunday, March 18


Pancakes with Peanut Butter, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Banana. 

Saturday, March 17

Working Fika

My Breakfast consumed while hosting Fika and Västgöta Nation.
A Sandwich with Two Eggs, Half an Avocado, Lettuces, Tomato and a little Pesto.

Friday, March 16

Rice Pudding

 Yes my friends that is Rice Pudding with Raspberry Jam.
So delicious and So Brilliant! Why don't they sell this stuff in the US?
Walnuts and a Banana too. 

Wednesday, March 14

Fruit Plate

Toast with Peanut Butter and Maple Syrup.
Plate of Sliced Banana, Kiwi, and Pineapple.
Coffee with Milk.

Tuesday, March 13


 Two Soft Boiled Eggs
Two Pieces of Toast
Two Drizzles of Olive Oil
Two Pinches of Chopped Parsley 
Two Photos

Pinapple Parfait

Strawberry Yogurt with Pineapple and Granola.
Coffee with Foamy Milk.

Apple Pancakes

Sliced Apple Dipped in Pancake Batter with Peanut Butter and Strawberries. 
Brilliant. Thanks Dženeta for the recipe!

Breakfast is Back!

Sorry for not posting for the past few days. 
My computer was broken :( 
Its fixed now so breakfast is back!

Friday, March 9


2 Perfectly Ripe Pears with Cottage Cheese and Homemade Granola.
Coffee with Milk.

Thursday, March 8

Strawberry Kiwi

Oatless Oatmeal with Strawberry Yogurt and a Kiwi.

Wednesday, March 7

Sometimes I make bread...

 Carrot Poppy Seed Pull-Apart Rolls. 

With Scrambled Eggs, Cheese, and Jam.

Tuesday, March 6

Tropical Fruit

Spelt Flour Pancaked with Strawberries, Banana and Kiwi.

Monday, March 5

No Breakfast??

If you were wondering why I did not post my breakfasts from this weekend, check out my other blog here.