Wednesday, July 22

banana soft serve with cherries, almonds, and sunflower seed butter

a fried egg with sea aster and fermented tomatoes

Sunday, June 28

Homemade granola with engilsh strawberries, raspberries, red currants, and wild cherries and june berries. 

Wednesday, June 17

Savory oat pancakes with wild celery, sae kale and few flowered leek bulbils topped with almond butter, poppy, and fermented purple sprouting broccoli. 
Elderflower and lemond drink.  

Saturday, June 13

Bain-maire egg with elderflower, watercress, sea aster, asparagus and chopped wild celery stems.

fried eggs with sauerkraut, wilted watercress, sea aster, and grilled asparagus

Tuesday, June 9

Birthday breakfast

Oatmeal pancakes with elderflowers, wild strawberries, dired fig, local honey and almond butter.