Sunday, May 24

Fried eggs with asparagus, sea aster and fermented watercress.

Elderflowers are blooming

Peach and elderflower tart with a crust of dried apricots, almonds and oats.

Monday, May 18

Gathered from around our house...

Pea shoots, salad burnett, wild marjoram, plantain flower spikes, broom flowers, lime leaves, hedge bedstraw, lentils, lacto-fermented violet leaf, and lacto-fermented scots pine flowers

Friday, May 15

Fresh picked

Scrambled eggs with sweet pickled scots pine flowers, St. Georges mushrooms, and stone crop with lacto-fermented scots pine flowers sprinkled on top.

Monday, May 11

Fried eggs with sea kale broccoli and kimchi.


Buttermilk pancakes with yogurt and fruit compote.

St. George's mushrooms with ramson pesto, scrambled eggs, and asparagus.

Brockley Market

Smoked salmon on rye.

Friday, May 8

Eat the invaders

Japanese knotweed and raisin tart with a raw hazelnut, date, and oat crust.

Tuesday, May 5

Kimchi scrambled eggs, gochujang, sea arrow grass, dry fried hogweed leaf.

Monday, May 4

bain-maire eggs with kimchi, fermented Japanese knotweed, fermented bok choy and radishes, and asparagus

Friday, May 1

fermented bok choy, eggs, watercress pesto