Friday, January 29

Cafe Mocha Oats.
Oatmeal cooked with half a banana and half a VIA packet
topped with Justin's Chocolate almond butter and the rest of the banana.

Thursday, January 28

Yogurt with segmented orange and crushed ginger thins.

Wednesday, January 27

Yogurt with orange almond muesli with an apple on the side.

Tuesday, January 26

Oatmeal with an apple and Justin's Maple Almond Butter.

Friday, January 22

Oats in a jar with banana, strawberries, peaches and mango.
oh and almond butter of course.

Wednesday, January 20

Fried egg with toast and apricot jam.

Tuesday, January 19

Spinach and mushroom omelet with apricot jam on toast.

Monday, January 18

Oatmeal cooked with banana, topped with cashew butter and an apple.

Sunday, January 17

Pancake Sunday.
Gingerbread pancake with peanut butter and banana.

Saturday, January 16

Hot muesli with yogurt and apple sauce.

Wednesday, January 13

(yesterdays breakfast)
Smoothie made with Kefir mixed berries (blueberries, mango, raspberries and blackberries)
with yogi granola sprinkled on top.

Monday, January 11

Spinach and cheese omelet.

Sunday, January 10

Oatmeal cooked with banana and chopped apple, sliced apple smile and hair, almond butter and raisin eyes, and coffee too.

Saturday, January 9

Oatmeal with banana, jam and yogi granola crisps.
Coffee too.

Wednesday, January 6

Multigrain flakes with almond milk, and dark chocolate almonds.

Monday, January 4

Muesli with greek yogurt, mango, blueberries and raspberries.

Sunday, January 3

Multigrain flakes with almond milk and banana.

Friday, January 1

Cottage cheese with jam and a pumpkin muffin (not pictured).