Wednesday, April 29

A flasback to winter

Oatmeal baked in pumpkin topped with a hefty scoop of nut butter.

Tuesday, April 28

Kimchi pancake

Wild celery and ramson pancake with gojugang, kimchi, and sea arrow grass.

Sunday, April 26

First course

browned garlic, sea plantain, scarlet elf cup

Saturday, April 25

Duck, duck, goose

Goose eggs scrambled with dulse and ramsons, plated up with some sea kale and sea arrow grass.

Friday, April 24

Bain-marie duck eggs with brussles sprout kruat and watercress.

Thursday, April 23

Hello again!

Salsify buds blanched and pan fried with bain-marie duck eggs and carrot kruat, topped wih sea arrow grass and sea plantain.

Back in action

I have truly missed sharing photos of my breakfast with you all and decided it's time to start posting here again. These days Ed and I have been eating some pretty spectacular breakfasts, lunches and dinners full of wild and fresh ingredients. In this new rendition of the blog you can look forward to seeing more than just breakfasts, lunches and dinners will make an appearance too.
Come hungry, leave happy!