Wednesday, September 30

Bain-marie scrambled eggs with Watercress, Water Celery, homemade fennel kraut and roasted tomatoes.

Stuffed Squash

Winter squash stuffed with Chaga and Cacoa baked oatmeal with a mound of homemade Peanut Butter on top 

Saturday, September 26

Roasted Crown Prince squash with wild coleslaw, picked girolles, and sautéed iodine bolete.   

Wednesday, September 23

Forager Breakfast

Bladder wrack, sea beet and nettle pancakes with pickled purslane mayo.
Chaga tea with Scott pine infused oatmilk. 
Scott pine ad caramelised crab apple cake with meadowsweet custard. 

Acorn squash stuffed with a fat hen and flaxseed pancake on top of wilted hogweed and perennial sow thistle dressed with olive oil and salt. A side of slaw with prickly sow thistle stems, perennial sow thistle stems, kolrabhi and sea purslane mayo.

Sunday, September 20

Mushrooms on toast

Freshly foraged Hen of the Woods, Chicken of the Woods, and pickled Girolles on toast with Bull Thistle root compound butter.

Sunday, September 13

Banana soft-serve with pecan butter and figs foraged from the neighbors garden.

Saturday, September 12

Fried eggs with homemade biodynamic tomato sauce on a bagel.

Tuesday, September 8

Shaggy Parasols

On a walk in the woods on Sunday, Ed and I stumbled upon some shaggy parasols erupting  out of the earth. We brought them home and cooked them up for dinner. 

Shaggy parasols have a wonderfully moist and meaty texture and a delicate sweet mushroomy flavor. 
Chickweed, roasted red peppers and summer squash, and sautéed shaggy paracol.  

Saturday, September 5

My dad eats flowers, yours should too!

A guest post from my Dad who has been inspired to eat flowers!

Scrambled egg on a tortilla with rocket flowers

Forager Staff Breakfast

Can you spot the fruit on our plate?

Breakfast came with a short botanical lesson to learn the correct botanical names of that part of a plant we commonly call a fruit.

Fried eggs with tomatoes, garlic and girolles, dressed with sauce of kimchi juice and sunflower butter.
Pan fried scallops with fermented cherries and cucumber topped with slices of roasted dulse

kimchi bain-marie scrambled eggs with ceps and sea aster.

Sautéed ceps with a fried egg and a dollop of sunflower seed and seaweed paste.

Wild celery and onion omelette with baked chicken of the woods mushroom garnished with wild watercress.

Dinner time

Pan fried scallops with roasted biodynamics corgette on top of roasted red pepper and wilted perennial sow thistle finished with a bit of grasshopper garum.