Saturday, August 10

A Proper Breakfast

 I went out for brunch today at Lyst, a super cute and cozy hipster cafe in on Jægersborggade. 
The serve a brilliant brunch board of delicious treats both sweet and savory.
 Now that's what I'm talking about!

Clockwise from top left- Scrambled Eggs, Danish Cheese, Fresh Fruit, Skyr with Apple and Ginger Compote, Rapsberry Jam, 2 Pancakes, 1 slice sourdough bread, and 2 Slices of rye bread. 

This may seem huge but it was a perfect portion, nothing like the Diner Brunch you might get in the US, which leaves you feeling like you have entered a greasy food coma. This was satisfying, fresh, and delicious!

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