Wednesday, October 7

Mushroom and miso broth poured over Prickly Sow Thistle and lacto-fermented tomatoes roasted with thin slices of garlic.


Prickly and Perennial Sow Thistle wilted with kimchi topped with poached eggs

Sunday, October 4

Forager Breakfast

Wild toast

Crab Apples and Cheddar on toast with Chickweed and mushroom vinaigrette 

Giant Puffball and Blackening Russula with Sea Beet on toast

Wednesday, September 30

Bain-marie scrambled eggs with Watercress, Water Celery, homemade fennel kraut and roasted tomatoes.

Stuffed Squash

Winter squash stuffed with Chaga and Cacoa baked oatmeal with a mound of homemade Peanut Butter on top 

Saturday, September 26

Roasted Crown Prince squash with wild coleslaw, picked girolles, and sautéed iodine bolete.   

Wednesday, September 23

Forager Breakfast

Bladder wrack, sea beet and nettle pancakes with pickled purslane mayo.
Chaga tea with Scott pine infused oatmilk. 
Scott pine ad caramelised crab apple cake with meadowsweet custard.